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9/16 CMS Presentation - EDE


Event: Marketplace Agent and Broker Conversations: Enhanced Direct Enrollment

On 9/16 Principal Joshua Brooker was invited to be one of two Broker panelists to discuss the benefits of Enhanced Direct Enrollment for consumers and brokers. The invite was extended by the federal Department of Health, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services(CMS), and Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight.

Attendees to the discussion spanned all 50 states and were about 750 attendees in total.

Panelists included representatives from HealthSherpa, BenefitAlign, and Softheon, as well as Joshua and fellow broker Todd Catlin of Transition Health Benefits in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

Questions Asked

  • What are the benefits to using EDE? Are there specific features or functionality that agents and brokers have access to through EDE that are not available through other Marketplace enrollment pathways?

  • How can EDE help agents and brokers enroll more consumers during Open Enrollment and throughout the year?

  • What are common misconceptions around using EDE?

  • What are key factors that an agent or broker should consider when thinking about using an EDE partner website for the first time?

  • In what ways has EDE enabled you to grow your book of business and/or better service your clients?

  • How can EDE partners work with agents and brokers when they are not licensed in a consumer’s state or when they are unable to get an appointment from a carrier?

  • What tools and resources do EDE partners offer to help agents and brokers find new customers and manage their clients?

  • What support do EDE partners provide to agents and brokers who are enrolling consumers through their website? When technical issues arise, how do EDE partners assist agents and brokers using the platform?

Key Takeaways

As an invitee, we find value in sharing our knowledge of the healthcare system and helping the next generation of insurance brokers understand best practices for efficient and compliantly supporting the consumers in their market. This is a further initiative of ours to provide support to brokers that then pass on accurate information to the clients in their charge. Healthcare literacy starts at the top!