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9/10 Penn State Partnership - MBA Marketing

With the help of Ben Franklin mentor Annie Hughes, we were connected with Penn State Harrisburg School of Business Administration and Professor Darrell Bartholomew's MBA Class on Strategic Marketing.

Strategic Marketing Course Description

Analysis and implementation of strategic marketing concepts and techniques in complex domestic and global business environments. The objective of this course is to provide students with a deeper understanding of marketing management in a strategy-planning context. The course is concerned with the development, evaluation, and implementation of marketing management in complex domestic and global business environments. The course deals primarily with an in-depth analysis of theories, facts, analytical procedures, techniques, and models related to marketing institutions and processes.

SnapHealth Partnership

A group of five MBA candidates were assigned to work with our team in developing customer profiles and verbal literacy profiles of the key demographic markets we are looking to work with. The team will develop a strategic marketing plan and a report throughout the semester that will be furnished to us. While this is their deliverable, we will be working with them closely to direct the information we are receiving and define the market demographics.