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We built SnapHealth to make it easier for you to buy quality health insurance, understand your health plan, save money, and find affordable care.


Our origin is a direct result of our founder being double-billed for the birth of his son.


Our founders have since spent 10 years on a mission to help consumers avoid missteps in their own healthcare journey - from finding affordable care and insurance, to saving money, managing medications and coordinating treatements. We've been building custom solutions for local clients for the past Decade and we're now making those same tools available to all.

The result is a digital system that stands as a source of truth for consumers to navigate the health markets. SnapHealth has the potential to every individual in the US: especially the 160 million individuals who do not have access to employer based health insurance.

We've made huge strides in making healthcare more convenient, transparent and affordable. We are excited for you to see the future of healthcare!

As a benefit corporation, SnapHealth is also committed to providing individuals access to our patient hub for zero cost!

How SnapHealth Is Supporting Patients


Before the cost of healthcare can be driven down, the needs of 160 million consumers who don't have access to employer coverage must have an objective source to get care.


SnapHealth algorithms use health history, active medication lists, and income reporting to screen for prudent solutions and allow them to enroll right within the system.


Between Health Equity, Rural Health needs, and Seniors with Caregivers trying to manage aging in place, SnapHealth provides independent guidance on the most efficient methods to navigate healthcare.

Patients must consider health networks, medical vendors, medication manufacturers, and programs available from their insurance, hospital, and government. SnapHealth helps sift through these programs and gives patients access to prudent tools and local programs.


Due to new laws around a patient's rights to have access to their medical records, SnapHealth serves as a single record to house all of your medical data under one roof. And,

Manage all health data in an untethered hub. Connect with in network care regardless of health system. NIH and research-driven health literacy programs to improve health. Store clinical notes, paid claims, and important documents like living wills/POA.


As an untethered platform, the patient decides who and what organizations can use their data, and how much of their record is available for each party. SnapHealth governance policies allow extended family, immediate family, and caregivers different levels of access and/or notices per your specific direction.


Patients decide who knows what, and when. SnapHealth manages compliance and matching programs to ensure patient data is protected and shared ONLY at the direction of the owner of the data: the Individual.


Within the finance industry, credit bureaus stand firm as a source of truth related to a consumers credit history. SnapHealth provides tools for consumers to review, dispute, and request support when medical claims don't align with a consumers expectations.


Whether a patient is erroneously billed (it happens) for a service they didn't receive, or medical claims far exceed what is usual and customary for the region, SnapHealth has real people on standby to review your claims (with your expressed consent only) and offer support as your advocate.


Within SnapHealth, patients and caregivers will be able to organize past events and plan for upcoming appointments.

Additionally, with DocBox, the system will store all past events with meaningful data for individuals to benchmark if they are on track with their expected health costs. Within the folder, you can also store copies of living wills and POA documents for easy access at your fingertips.


49 y/o working mom with aging parents 

Between juggling the needs of her kids, her parents, and her career, Tina often faces burnout and has made systems over the years to make sure she hasn't missed anything as the "Project Manager" of her life. 

SnapHealth helps Tina as the one place that she can go to keep track of appointments, past visits, and outstanding bills. Snap also helps her in her role as a caregiver by proactively giving Tina advice for managing the needs of her aging parents and reactively communicating with the people (doctors, insurer, and family) that her parents have listed as authorized parties on their account. 

**SnapHealth saves Tina time and removes the guesswork of the health system.


54 y/o self-employed real estate agent

Javi has spent the past 20 years of his career helping clients buy real estate. For the past five years, and for the foreseeable future, his business generates $400,000 per year.

Being self-employed, he is left navigating the health system alone. SnapHealth removes the annual guesswork that he and so many individuals (160 million!) face when trying to get quality, and affordable health insurance when it isn't offered by an employer. For Javi and so many solopreneurs, health insurance is a hedge that protects their business, home, or lifestyle against catastrophic medical bills. 

**SnapHealth saves Javi time, money, and headache while reducing his risk of being over- or under-insured.

Millie (Mildred) 

64 y/o preparing for medicare

Millie has worked hard and planned for the moment she gets to retire. She knew medicare was one of the final decisions she had to make, but never realized the rest of her life she will receive - in some cases daily - packet upon packet about medicare. Each packet is seemingly different than the last adding confusion.

SnapHealth provides educational content that helps Millie understand her options, compare coverages, and directly enroll in the plan that best fits her needs. She can also refer to an authorized broker who can help her navigate the process of finding a policy that fits her budget, lifestyle, and health needs.

**SnapHealth saves the stress and time Millie would have to dedicate to medicare without objective guidance.


34 y/o with a chronic health condition

Joe is not your average 34-year-old. He is one of the 133 million Americans that suffer from chronic health conditions. In his case, the ulcerative colitis he has had to manage over the past 14 years has taken alot of time, money, and patience in order for him to get the care he needs.

By comparing programs at local health systems with what is available through his insurance, Joe uses SnapHealth to find out which program is best for him right now. And if something changes down the line? SnapHealth helps Joe keep updated on what those changes are and how to cut his costs along the way!

**SnapHealth saves Joe time and money. Joe uses the embedded tools as if SnapHealth were an advocate charting the shortest path for Joe.


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