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What Is Snap?

Interoperability - "the ability of two or more systems to exchange health information and use the information once it is received." 

FOR PATIENTS (Version 1): Currently, SnapHealth uses new interoperability laws to pull all of the patient's data into one record accessible from a browser through our secure online portal. The platform then gives consumers tools to organize their information and use diagnosis and medicine records to benchmark the world around them. Regardless of employer, insurer, or doctor, SnapHealth feeds in a diverse amount of data to help consumers compare the costs of insurance plans, insurance claims, medications, and procedures. 

Example: John creates a SnapHealth account and identifies that they have a health insurance plan with Highmark. The platform pulls in his plan data, which includes all bills(both paid and outstanding) and any notes and diagnosis codes their doctor submits to Highmark. John can use Snap to make sure he's being billed properly. He can use the platform immediately to see which pharmacy in the area can fill his Rx the cheapest. And, say his doctor recommends a sleep study, John can see where to get that study based upon the cost and quality of doctors in the area automatically screened for those that work with his insurance. 

SnapHealth helps consumers use healthcare without the "brace for impact" uncertainty we currently face. Healthcare is complicated. SnapHealth is here to fix that. 

OTHER STAKEHOLDERS (Versions 2 - 4): SnapHealth is first and foremost a platform for patients. In the future, these tools will be incrementally available to Brokers, Employers, Insurers, Healthcare Providers, Pharmacies, and Medical Device Suppliers. SnapHealth will extend to the following established markets: health information exchanges, clinical trial management, big data analytics, claims payment processing, clearinghouse services, Attending Physician Statement record releases, patient portal, CMS Quality reporting(MIPS/MACRA/Navigators/Assisters), Community Health Assessments, and actuarial data reporting for insurer premium pricing models. 

Because of our mission to keep patient access free to them for life, diversification across many of these markets helps stabilize our costs and revenues.

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