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2018 - SnapHealth was founded as a health insurance exchange for individuals to purchase health insurance and other benefits not offered through their employer as a spinoff of PA Health Advocates. 

1/2020 - Centers for Medicare and Medicare Services (CMS) rolled out interoperability standards at the CMS Innovation day event in DC. SnapHealth expanded as a more diverse toolkit that included our initial mission of insurance, but adding medical records organization, data aggregation, and medication, treatment, and medical equipment comparison services for the broader market. 

4/2021 - SnapHealth joins Ben Franklin software Accelerator 

6/2021 - SnapHealth begins seed round for MVP combining old tech with new processes and standards to meet 1/2022 CMS Regulation timelines. 

10/2021 - SnapHealth Receives a $10,000 grant from Ben Franklin Techcelerator, and a $50,000 injection from co-founder Joshua Brooker to propel our mission forward.

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