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Health Quality

Health Quality is at our core. Here are some examples of how SnapHealth helps patients.

Safe: Between our mission to have group dialogues about medical conditions, coupled with actionable treatment plans provided by the National Institutes of Health, we push to make scientific-based recommendations and referrals. Additionally, with high-security protocols in place, our mission is to keep consumer data protected from third parties who don't have your authorization to view or interact with your account. 

Effective: With tools that recommend cost-effective health management, SnapHealth is a guide for consumers that might otherwise seek unnecessary or bloated care. 

Patient-centered: This is at the core of SnapHealth. Consumers can proactively manage treatments, and reactively monitor data coming from disparate parts of the healthcare system to ensure all parties are on the same page. 

Timely: Prior to these new laws, information was siloed and often fragments of a full file. Our process cross-references data from multiple sources to make it immediately available should you need to share or act on your data. 

Efficient: SnapHealth reduces waste by connecting you with telehealth and nurse line services that reduce waste. Why spend multiple hours in an emergency room, when a quick call could tell you to use some Neosporin on that burn. 

Equitable: Most of all, SnapHealth is excited to set a level playing field where good advice is a click away regardless of beliefs, ethnicity, gender, minority status, or rural vs urban footing.

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