In 2013 our co-founder Joshua Brooker found out just how frustrating healthcare can be. His son was born on New Year's day and insurers claimed that he owed two deductibles, and double all-in cost because his mom was technically admitted in a different year. Over eight years later, his team of Erika Hollingsworth, and Aislinn Sutcliffe, have been a local resource helping consumers navigate healthcare and insurance. As our families have each grown, we have seen more and more how siloed each and every piece of healthcare is. Because of this, SnapHealth was formed. 



2018 - SnapHealth initially was a platform for individuals to purchase health insurance and other benefits not offered through their employer as a spinoff of PA Health Advocates.

1/2020 - Centers for Medicare and Medicare Services (CMS) rolled out interoperability standards at the CMS Innovation day event in DC. SnapHealth pulled to reset with broader market.


4/2021 - SnapHealth joins Ben Franklin software Accelerator 


6/2021 - SnapHealth begins seed round for MVP combining old tech with new processes and standards to meet 1/2022 CMS Regulation timelines.

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Interoperability - "the ability of two or more systems to exchange health information and use the information once it is received."

SnapHealth uses new interoperability laws to pull all of your patient data into one record. The platform then gives you tools to organize your information and use diagnosis and medicine records to benchmark the world around you. Regardless of employer, insurer, or doctor, SnapHealth will feed in your data so that you control your health.

Example: John creates a SnapHealth account and identifies that they have a health insurance plan with Highmark. The platform pulls in his plan data, which includes all bills(both paid and outstanding) and any notes and diagnosis codes their doctor submits to Highmark. John can use Snap to make sure he's being billed properly. He can use the platform immediately to see which pharmacy in the area can fill his Rx the cheapest. And, say his doctor recommends a sleep study, John can see where to get that study based upon the cost and quality of doctors in the area automatically screened for those that work with his insurance.

SnapHealth helps consumers use healthcare without the "brace for impact" uncertainty we currently face. Healthcare is complicated. SnapHealth is here to fix that.

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